Jenn Chen

Jenn Chen

Coffee writer & photographer

I'm an SF-based digital strategist, writer & photographer in the specialty coffee industry. I have a penchant for cake donuts & global travel.

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Sarcastic Or Punny: 5-Minute Brand Voice Audit

Give your brand a digital voice audit.

Anxiety red center 740x441 article

Mental Health In The Service Industry: Confronting The Stigma

Mental Health In The Service Industry: Confronting ...

Yoga cat 001 1200x795 article

Yoga And The Better Balanced Barista

Yoga And The Better Balanced Barista

Feature image barista health feet 740x493 article

From The Sole: Barista Health Starts In The Feet

Foot care for service professionals.

Muffin article

Impostor Syndrome Is Real—And It's Happening In Coffee

Examining feelings of imposterism while working in the coffee industry.

Social media goals article

How to Create Achievable Social Media Goals

Here, we’ll outline why you need to set goals and how to go about setting them. We’ll follow that up with some of the most common social media goals.

Social media for pr article

7 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for PR

There are many ways to use social media in your PR strategies. Whether or not you write press releases is not the key focus. The purpose of PR is to have as much positive coverage on your company as possible and as often as possible.

Social media automation article

Social Media Automation Rules No Brand Should Break

Automation gets a bad rap. Usually when you hear about social media automation, you picture the cringe-worthy automatic direct message that sometimes happens after you follow a new account. “Thanks for the follow, Bob! Check out our new product at this yourwebsitehere.”

Blm jennchen article

Jenn Chen - Coffee Marketer — Bossy Like Me

Providing open lines of communication, including education in bite-sized pieces, is key to making your marketing stand out.

Instagram vs snapchat article

Instagram vs. Snapchat: Which Is Best for Business?

Since the launch of Instagram Stories in mid–2016, Snapchat and Instagram have been competing at break-neck speeds to release hot new features and keep customers on their own platform.

Facebook trends article

Top 5 Facebook Trends and How to Implement Them

These Facebook trends aren’t the shiny new features that may or may not take off. Instead, they’re trends that we see brands using on Facebook to reach new audiences and set themselves apart from the crowd.

Social media proposal article

How to Write a Successful Social Media Proposal: Free Template Included

For freelancers and agencies who provide social media services, having a proposal ready for your client should be an essential part of your workflow.

Selling on instagram article

3 Steps for Successfully Selling on Instagram

We’ll break down the three steps for selling on Instagram and then examine some strategies from top brands.

Facebook marketing article

The Complete Guide to Facebook Marketing

In this all-encompassing guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of Facebook and brand examples you can be inspired by.

Social media for restaurants article

Complete Guide to Social Media for Restaurants and Bars

With more than 200 million posts tagged #food and 23 million with #drinks, food and beverage photos are easily some of the most popular types of content on Instagram.